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08 Reasons Why Professional Website Required for Business

Top Eight Reasons of Why Professional Website is Required for Startups or New Business

Thousands of businesses are being established every day and run a lean operation. Unless you’re not interested to grow your business or brand, you need a WordPress Website Development. Now a days, developing a business website or Ecommerce Website Development is easier than ever. Professional Website is not costing much; thanks to the opensource frameworks e.g. WordPress, WooCommerce, OpenCart, Magento, Prestashop, Laravel, Codeigniter etc.

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Getting a professional website for small business or startups isn’t just selling your goods or services online. It’s also about providing some value to your potential clients. Let me share a story from the life of Steve Jobs.

One day he challenged to every person within his organization with a single word “Why”. He asked from Pion to HR & from engineers to accounting staff to do the things differently. Furthermore, he asked to let him know why they did things in a certain way?

On starting people gave him the reason of “everybody else is doing a certain thing in the same way”. This answer wasn’t good enough to satisfy Steve Jobs. So finally every single person start doing their job in a different way and now a days; we can check where Apple Incorporation stands.

Many of the startups or new businesses think facebook page is enough for the online presence. Furthermore, they can generate calls or new leads by directory listing (like Yellow Pages). But this is simply wrong practice and to promote a startup or new business, you must have a professional website.

If we all are asking from ourselves that; “Why we need a professional website for our business?” than we should have the answer of “Steve Jobs’ Why”. Below are the top eight reasons of why a startup or new business really need a professional website.

Professional Website Design And Development

01 Your Clients Expect Your Online Presence

This is number one reason of creating a website for your newly established business. As per the survey eight out of ten customers expect your company / brand to be online. Furthermore, customer expect a brief information of your company, products and / or services at your professional website. If you don’t have a professional website than customers look for some other company who has the digital presence.

02 Website Do A Marketing For You

Your website does online marketing for your startup or new business. Website is like a business development manager who always looks for potential clients to generate profit for company. The internet has opened up a whole new world of marketing. You may hire a Digital Marketing Agency to market your website or brand awareness and help you to generate new business leads.

03 Website Sell Your Products or Services Online

Many of the companies are spending millions on creating brochures and to distribute them. But if you’re having a professional website for your business; you can skip that entirely. Furthermore, you cannot only display your products or services on your professional website, you may add stunning images and sexy stories of your products or services into a cool PDF format. This act will force your customers not to bounce but to contact you. And these customers will grow your startup or new business.

04 All of Your Competitors Having Website

This is one of the major point on which we have to think twice; “Why am I not having a professional website when all of my other competitors does have?” All of your competitors are having professional website and they’re making dollars / dirhams so easily than why not you? Why are you not interested to grow by making a professional website for business? Website is the only source where from you may take your startup to the next level. Furthermore, digital presence is required now a days to present your company as brand.

05 Your Business Website Will Appear in Google Search Results

If you’re having a professional website for your business than it will appear on google search results. You will be getting lot of traffic on your website. Furthermore, it will help you to generate hundreds of new leads on daily bases. Do you still need a reason to make a professional website for your business?

06 Professional Website Helps With Business Goals

You will revisit things about your business with the help of professional website for your business. It will not only help you to set but also achieve your goals. Furthermore, it will help you to ‘press release’ your ‘milestones’.

07 Website is Having Big Benefits For Local Businesses

A major misconception about professional website is that they’re only for international or corporate level companies. Actually, websites are for every business e.g. startups, new business, small level company or medium level etc. Professional website helps your small company to grow faster. LocalVox Report shows that;

70% of U.S. households now use the Internet when shopping locally for products and services.

So it’s pretty clear that online presence of your business plays a vital role to grow and earn.

08 You Can Control Your Digital Destiny

Facebook page or online directory listing e.g. ‘Yellow Pages’ isn’t enough to promote your business over the internet. You really need to make a professional website to grow. And if you’re depending upon third party platforms then sorry to say but you’re at their mercy. They may close or suspend your account at any time. Furthermore, you’ve to follow their policies. But if you’re having your own professional website than you can set your own policy and control your digital destiny.

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What do you think about this post? Share your experience and the answer of ‘Why’ if you have ever given to yourself. Please do share in comments if you have any other reason for creating a professional website for business. Moreover, hire a Digital Marketing Expert for professional website development.

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